WebTorrent integration with WordPress

Distributed audio content (podcasts) generated by users and shared via peer-to-peer (P2P) architectures and protocols can lower the entry barrier for community based radios that at the same time are wary of the privacy implications of the free offerings by commercial centralised platforms. Although not a P2P architecture itself, a website is a useful way Read more about WebTorrent integration with WordPress[…]

Version control and editorial workflow in Ghost

Ghost2Git — Version control and editorial workflow management for multi-author blogs in Ghost, sort of   Ghost offers a great platform for blogging. It’s nimble and neat, a welcome break from WordPress especially if what you want to do is focus on blogging and content and you do not need a general purpose CMS. Ghost Read more about Version control and editorial workflow in Ghost[…]

Database solution for qualitative comparative analysis and collaborative research in the social sciences

The ALTERNATIVE project (FP7, 2012-2016) is about Developing alternative understandings of security and justice through restorative justice approaches in intercultural settings within democratic societies. At the project’s core there are four intensive case studies (which mainly take the form of action research activities) built around, supported by and mutually feeding into three more theoretically oriented Read more about Database solution for qualitative comparative analysis and collaborative research in the social sciences[…]

Logical-Framework development on the iPad

LFApad is a FileMaker-base application designed to draft project proposals according to the logical-framework approach (LFA) on the iPad. LFApad facilitate a rigorous and coherent project development while keeping all activities, tasks and resources under control. Once inside the application you can tap around to enter content while using the main button at the top-right Read more about Logical-Framework development on the iPad[…]

Motore di ricerca “trova il tuo seggio”

Come contributo per lo sforzo comune di organizzazione delle primarie del centrosinistra per sindaco di Bologna ho offerto a titolo gratuito, sotto i termini della licenza GPL, al Comitato per le primarie di Bologna il codice me sviluppato per la consultazione dinamica dello stradario dei seggi. Ringrazio centroinformatika.com per aver ospitato sui suoi server il Read more about Motore di ricerca “trova il tuo seggio”[…]

Psychosocial support for victims-turned-activists

Concept developed for IPSO (International Psychosocial Organization) and presented at the workshop “Afghanistan: women against oblivion and impunity” organized by ASDHA (Associació per als Drets Humans a l’Afganistan) in Barcelona, 28 January 2010. * * * IPSO is relatively new humanitarian organisation, founded in 2008 by Inge Missmahl, (dipl. analytical psychologist). IPSO functions as a Read more about Psychosocial support for victims-turned-activists[…]

Appunti per una rete wifi pubblica ‘porticata’

 Il portico bolognese è una parte di proprietà privata data all’uso pubblico. Quando venne istituito secoli fa sembra che i proprietari dei palazzi non ne fossero entusiasti. Gli storici raccontano che servì una muscolare mediazione istituzionale per consolidare l’equilibrio – pragmatico e ideale – che poi ha prevalso nei secoli. Il proprietario perde superficie al Read more about Appunti per una rete wifi pubblica ‘porticata’[…]